Thursday, March 15, 2018

16mm Keycaps

Chiclet style keycaps fit 16mm spacing

These double shot acrylic keycaps are exactly 16mm at their widest part, near the base. They fit the 16mm switch spacing of my smallest boards without any modifications.

These are made of acrylic and were purchased from They come in a 104key set in either black or white with clear legends.

Shiny acrylic. If you don't like shiny keycaps you won't like these.

While they fit fine, their shape makes it difficult to not press more than one key at a time. This might actually be good for stenography where you often want to press multiple adjacent keys simultaneously.

The edges along the bottom of the keycaps can have a lip that catches on the other keycaps when pressed. Running your fingernail or some other hard object around the edges will flatten them. I only had a few keycaps that would stick.