Friday, January 12, 2018

Disappointing eBay purchase

Not broken.

Got these two 60% keyboards on eBay for cheap. They were listed "as is for parts". One is a Massdrop KC60 with the misspelled backspase key. The other is a V60 Matias.

Both work fine. Was planning to take them apart to use for parts, but since they work I will probably just leave them alone. They have little signs of wear.

The only thing wrong with the KC60 is there are no stabilizer inserts in the keycaps. This is probably because the Massdrop fake costar stabilizers are terrible. I'll probably just replace them with real ones.

I was planning to swap the PCB in the V60 with a Hasu Alps64 PCB. I think the last person using it could not figure out how to make it work with a Mac. The DIP switches were set weird. Other than that it works fine.