Thursday, November 22, 2018

Sub 100mm PCBs

PCBs that are under 100mm x 100mm

JLCPCB has special pricing for boards this size or smaller. $2 for 10 pieces with green soldermask. $5 for each additional small design in the same order. Shipping will be the largest part of the cost. Adding a small board to an existing order will only increase the shipping cost a few dollars.

Until recently, if you chose any color other than green the price would revert to the non-100mm special price. Now you can add color and just pay the additional fee for the colored solder mask.

You can also combine shipping if your previous order is still in production. The shipping for the additional boards from the new order will be combined with the previous order and will be much less than shipping a separate new order. I have done this twice to the same order.

I have many gerber files that are small enough for the special pricing:
  • I-S-h0le - 4 key ISO enter macropad
  • Arduino Six - 6 key arduino shield
  • nori - 40 percent with backlighting
  • 4x4X (Tetris) - 4x4 modular than can stack horizontally and vertically
  • Green Eggs - Ring shaped macropad
  • 5x5x9 - huge 225 key macropad made from 5x5 boards
  • 5x5 - modular 60%
  • GNAP 4x4 - GNAP split into 3 parts
  • Pi - large circular macropad made from quadrants
  • Lobot - Pro Micro ISP
  • 4x4x4x4x4 - Modular 4x4, 4x8, 4x12, 4x16
  • Christmas - LED Christmas ornament
  • 25 - split 5x5
  • 6lit - split 6 key macropads
  • DeathStar - Circular macropad
  • foobar - split 30%
  • Onigiri - 6 key macropad shaped like a musubi
  • RAWR - 6 key Domokun
  • Half IOTA - split 40% with 16mm switch spacing
  • 4 pack - 4 key macropad
  • 2 pack - 2 key macropad